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Way to Die #270
"Contact Die"
Name of the death is a pun on "contact eye"
Contact Die.jpg
Date October 12, 2009
Location Brooklyn, New York
Episode this death
was featured in
"Today's Menu: Deep Fried Death"

"Contact Die", Way to Die #270, is the second death to be featured in "Today's Menu: Deep Fried Death", which aired on September 5, 2011.


A college student named Katie attempts to seduce her nerdy science classmate, Marshall, in order to get good grades. Katie distracts Marshall while he is mixing ammonia and hydrochloric acid. As she leans over the flask, the gases fuse her contact lenses to her eyes. In a panic, she runs out of the classroom and spots an eyewash station nearby. She trips over the cord of a janitor's buffer and slides down the wax floor, colliding into a wall which breaks her neck and cuts off her respiration. Marshall comes in and sees his beloved Katie lying dead in the hallway and this happened without warning. He sadly says, "Katie."

"Katie tried to flirt her way to school. But in the end, She passed...on."


  • Dr. Ava Cadell - Sex Therapist
  • Dr. Steven Burstein - Interventional Cardiologist