1000 Ways to Die Rise From The Dead Wikia
Way to Die #178
"Dead Fella"
Name of the death is a pun on "goodfellas"
Dead Fella.jpeg
Date June 16, 1998
Location Atlantic City, New Jersey
Episode this death
was featured in
"Getting A Rise From The Dead"

"Dead Fella", Way to Die #178, is the sixth death to be featured in "Getting A Rise From The Dead", which aired on September 5, 2011.


Two mobsters named Leo and Tony were setting out after former mobster Vito, who had been nabbed by FBI agents and had agreed to testify against them in court. When the two see Vito getting in his car, they fitted their guns with silencers and went to work. Leo and Tony were on opposite ends of Vito's car and prepared to make the hit. When Vito drove by, Leo took a chance but alas Tony didn't take a chance. Little did Leo and Tony know, the feds had installed bulletproof glass on Vito's car. When Leo shot his gun, the bullet ricocheted off the windshield, and sliced through Tony's carotid artery at which point he bleeds to death.

"Tony was a young hitman hoping to get made. But then his partner's bullet took a bad bounce,and now Tony will be laid low...forever."


  • Fred Solmor - Former Mob Enforcer
  • Dr. Steven Burstein - Interventional Cardiologist