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Way to Die #127
"Ji-Had It Coming"
Name of the death is a pun on "Ji-Had" and "she coming"
Ji-Had It Coming.jpeg
Date September 14, 2001
Location Bamyan Province, Afghanistan
Episode this death
was featured in
"Getting A Rise From The Dead"

"Ji-Had It Coming", Way to Die #127, is the fourth death to be featured in "Getting A Rise From The Dead", which aired on September 5, 2011.


An award-winning American reporter named Tanya, who denounces her U.S. citizenship, converts to Islam, and marries a Taliban leader. Tanya celebrates by firing off several rounds of an AK-47 into the air during her wedding to fit in with the crowd, but loses control of the gun and dies when one of the bullets hits a metal pitcher and ricochets into her skull, where it bounces inside and causes massive bleeding and immediately fatal wounds.

"Tanya was just another bleeding heart who went native. She thought she was going to help overthrow the U.S. In the end, she did her country a huge favor... by dying."


  • Dr. Boyd Flinders - Surgeon