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Way to Die #419
"Skid Marked"
Name of the death is a pun on "skid mark"
Skid Marked.jpg
Date March 12,2006
Location Street Petersburg,Flordoa
Episode this death
was featured in

"Skid Marked", Way to Die #419, is the seventh death to be featured in " Eat,Pray,Die", which aired on August 8, 2011.


A group of car thieves are practicing "ghost riding the whip" (putting the car into gear and dancing alongside it) with a stolen SUV. Two of the thieves' names are Eddie and Nick. Nick attempts "The Circle," which involves making the car ride in a tight circle while standing atop it. The SUV hits a parking chalk, knocking Nick from the roof of the SUV. While on the ground, the SUV comes around and runs over and breaks both of Nick's legs. The SUV then comes around another time, but this time runs over his testicles, stomach, lungs, heart, neck, skull, and finally his brain, killing him from massive blood loss and crushing his skull with the tires.

"If there's any question on why this idiot died, how about this: go lay in front of a car and allow it to crush your testicles, your stomach, your lungs, your heart and finally, your brain, and then get back to me."


  • Al Hamad - Ghost Rider
  • Dr Boyd Flinders - Surgeon